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Kit Bragg, Director
Tiffany Marquez, Administrative Secretary
Ramaa Ravi, Ed Services Technical Analyst



Course Requirements

To obtain a diploma of graduation from high school, app shall complete at least the following courses/credits in grades 9 through 12.

Assessment, Research and Evaluation

The department of assessment, research & evaluation is responsible for assessing student achievement, progress, and outcomes; conducting research on issues of interest to school and district staff; and evaluating program effectiveness. We promote using data to inform decision-making that support our district's Strategic Directions. Our mission is to strive for continuous improvement and excellence for all app and programs.

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) is California’s statewide student assessment system. Results of these assessments inform parents and educators on their app' continual progress for each grade level and college and career readiness. 
Pursuant to California Education Code 60615, parents/guardians may submit to the school a written request to excuse their child from any or all parts of CAASPP.  Students who opt out of the grade 11 CAASPP do not qualify for the State Seal of Biliteracy (SSB) .  
The Early Assessment Program (EAP) uses the grade 11 Smarter Balanced summative assessments in English Language Arts and math to identify app who are ready for college-level credit-bearing English and math courses. To ensure alignment with Board Policy/Administrative Regulation , CAASPP scores will no longer be on student transcripts. As always, app will be able to opt in to voluntarily send their CAASPP scores by checking a box during the actual administration of the test, as noted below. Grade 11 app may choose to release their test results to the California State University (CSU) and participating California Community Colleges (CCC) at the end of the online tests.

CAASPP Achievement Data 2022

app Unified School District
English Language Arts 2022-23
app Unified School District
English Language Arts 2021-2022
23 ELA 2022 ELA
app Unified School District
Math 2022-2023
app Unified School District
Math 2021-2022
2023 Math 2022 Math
Contra Costa County
English Language Arts 2022-2023
Contra Costa County
English Language Arts 2021-2022
2023 County 2022
Contra Costa County
Math 2022-2023
Contra Costa County
Math 2021-2022
2023 County 2022 County

School Site Specific data: 
To explore site level data, please follow this and enter your school of enrollment.
This data helps guide our work with app alongside other assessments, such as our FASTBridge screener. SRVUSD administers this screener to all app in grades K-12 three times per year (fall, winter, and spring). This is in addition to classroom-specific assessments that all teachers administer. FASTBridge offers data throughout the school year in order to provide the appropriate just-in-time supports our app need in order to thrive academically.
State Accountability Measures

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, state law allows the 2022 Dashboard to only display the most current year of data (also known as Status). For this year only, performance levels will be reported using one of five Status levels (ranging from Very High, High, Medium, Low, and Very Low) for state measures. Please note that the Status levels associated with the Chronic Absenteeism and Suspension Rate Indicators are reversed (ranging from Very Low, Low, Medium, High, and Very High). app regarding this year's Dashboard data is available within the .

DataQuest is the California Department of Education’s web-based data reporting system for publicly reporting information about California app, teachers, and schools. DataQuest provides access to a wide variety of reports, including school performance, test results, student enrollment, English learner, graduation and dropout, school staffing, course enrollment, and student misconduct data.

District Assessments

Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) - CogAT is used to initially identify app who are eligible for the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program. This test consists of three batteries, which measure verbal, quantitative and nonverbal abilities. For more information on GATE Testing 

National and International Assessments

The selects schools at random to participate and gather student performance data for national and international comparisons.Our app may be selected to participate in any of the following tests:
  • assesses mathematics, reading, science, writing, the arts, civics, economics, geography, U.S. history, and Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL) in grades 4, 8, and/or 12.
  • is an international assessment that measures 15-year-old app' reading, mathematics, and science literacy every three years.
  • assesses reading literacy at grade 4.
  • assesses mathematics and science knowledge and skills at grades 4 and 8.
For more information, contact Assessment, Research and Evaluation at (925) 552-2967

High School Assessments

SRVUSD typically offers a single testing day to accommodate the SAT, PSAT, and ACT.  The dates are published the first week of school to all High School communities.  
For more information about SAT & PSAT visit:

Special Education Assessments

Requests for assessments of preschool age children are handled by the Special Education Department. Please call 925-552-5004 if you would like to speak with someone regarding this type of evaluation or assessment.