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Health Educators

School nurses play a vital role in creating a safe and healthy environment that supports student success and well-being. School nurses have a diverse range of responsibilities that encompass both healthcare and educational support. Here are some key aspects of the role:
Healthcare Services:
  • Health Assessments: Conduct health assessments for app, including vision and hearing screenings, to identify potential health issues.
  • First Aid: Providing immediate first aid and medical assistance to app and staff in case of injuries or sudden illnesses.
  • Chronic Illness Management: Managing the healthcare needs of app with chronic conditions and ensuring they have access to necessary medications and treatments.
Health Education:
  • Health Promotion: Promoting healthy lifestyles and behaviors among app through education and awareness programs.
  • Preventive Care: Conducting programs on topics such as nutrition, hygiene, and disease prevention to encourage good health practices.
Immunization Compliance:
  • Ensuring Compliance: Verify and maintain immunization records to ensure app comply with state-mandated vaccination requirements.
Emergency Response:
  • Emergency Preparedness: Collaborating with school administrators and local emergency services to develop and implement emergency response plans, including drills for natural disasters or lockdowns.
Collaboration with School Staff:
  • Working with Teachers: Collaborating with teachers and other school staff to address health-related concerns affecting app' academic performance.
  • Special Education Support: Provide health-related support for app with special needs or disabilities.
Medication Management:
  • Administering Medications: Administering prescribed medications to app according to established protocols.
  • Medication Monitoring: Monitoring and managing medication administration, including maintaining accurate records and communicating with parents and healthcare providers.
  • Advocating for app' health and wellness needs within the school community and in interactions with parents and external healthcare providers.


Dave Kravitz, Director of Student Services
Helen Burrows, Sr. Department Secretary
District Nurses
Kathy Rooney, MSN, RN, PHN
District Nurse Coordinator
Sites: Twin Creeks ES, Country Club ES, San Ramon HS
Anju Lashkari, MSN, RN
Sites: Alamo ES, Los Cerros MS, Stone Valley MS, Green Valley ES, 
Nancy Sheets, BSN, RN, PHN
Sites: Gale Ranch MS, Tassajara Hills ES, Golden View ES, Dougherty HS
Niko Holmes, BSN, RN
Sites: California HS, Pine Valley MS, Montevideo ES, Neil Armstrong ES
Rosa Harnetiaux, BSN, RN, PHN
Sites: Greenbrook ES, John Baldwin ES, Live Oak ES
Sites: Windemere Ranch MS, Preschool Assessment 
Alyson Campbell, BSN, RN, PHN
Sites: Vista Grande ES, Montair ES
Hilary Weiss, MSN, RN, PHN, NCSN
Sites: Bollinger ES, Hidden Hills ES, Quail Run ES, Walt Disney ES, Charlotte Wood MS
Kay M. Smith, RN, PHN, MA
Sites: Coyote Creek ES
Kristi Nolan, BSN, RN
Sites: Bella Vista ES, Sycamore ES, Diablo Vista MS, Iron Horse MS
Carrie Kojima, RN, MPH
Sites:  Monte Vista HS, Creekside ES