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Daily Playground Equipment Checklist

Daily Playground Equipment Checklist

The weekly playground equipment checklist is now an online form for completion. Your computer must have Adobe Reader version 9 or later in addition to Firefox or Internet Explorer (version 8 or later). No paper copies including faxed, mailed or scanned handwritten forms will be accepted. All forms must be submitted online.
If you have any problems or questions when completing your form, please contact Kelsey Bollenbach in Custodial Operations at 925-824-1812.

Custodial Operations

app us...

app us...

The Custodial Operations Department provides services to 36 school sites and 2 administrative office buildings, covering approximately 3 million square feet of cleaning space. We continue to strive to provide a safe and clean environment to support succesful student learning.  Always remaining conscious of cleaning products and processes, our focus is to utilize the most effective cleaning standards and products that are both safe for app and the environment.
school custodia: the quiet heros

                                                                                          MEET OUR TEAM

Director of Custodial Operations, Isma
Director, Custodial Operations
(925) 824-1819
Supervisor of Custodial Operations, Terry Stewart
Supervisor, Custodial Operations
(925) 552-5034
Supervisor of Custodial Operations, Carlos Velasco-Huaman
Supervisor, Custodial Operations
(925) 824-1871
Senior Department Secretary
(925) 824-1812