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Middle School Advancement Resources

Middle School Advancement Resources


Middle School Math Advancement Program (MAP)

Middle School Math Advancement Timeline
Summer Math Advancement Program (MAP) Registration

Summer Math Advancement Program (MAP) Registration

Summer MAP registration has officially closed. Thank you!


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Incoming 6th Grade Students

Incoming 6th Grade Students

Course 1 Placement
All app moving into 6th grade will be placed into Grade 6, Course 1 math unless advancement is desired. Course 1 is appropriate for most app and a majority of our app take Course 1 as 6th graders.

Course 2 Placement (Accelerated Pathway) for incoming 6th grade app:
Selecting a math placement above grade level is an important family decision.  To inform this decision, 6th grade app interested in advancing to Course 2 can take the 50 question assessment to demonstrate mastery of the 6th grade, Course 1 math standards. The assessment reflects  6th grade standards. See the , which include highlighted standards that are more heavily addressed in the assessment. 
The assessment will be given at elementary school sites after school on Wednesday, March 27.  Results will be shared within 3 weeks of the test. 
Acceleration is not necessary for app to access college-ready math courses in high school. See for more information.

Incoming 7th and 8th Grade Students- Summer Advancement through MAP

Incoming 7th and 8th Grade Students- Summer Advancement through MAP

All incoming 7th and 8th grade app will be placed in the next consecutive course unless they wish to accelerate by participating in the summer MAP (Math Advancement Program).
Summer MAP advancement courses are online and self-directed using the Edgenuity Curriculum. Algebra 1 is not a MAP option.
This offers additional information. 
See for more information.

MAP Criteria

  • 100% Completion of the Edgenuity Curriculum with 80% or better final grade and assessments by July 23 at noon.
  • Counselors will be notified of app’ successful completion of the course. Students not meeting the completion criteria will be recommended to repeat the course during the school year. 
  • Progress reported will be pass/fail.
  • The district will notify the middle school for placement so you do not need to contact them.

MAP Timeline

Beginning of February- SRVUSD school sites email families regarding middle school math placement.
February 22 - MAP Presentation ) or in person at Iron Horse Middle School 5:00- 6:00pm in the MPR.
March 27- 5th Grade Advancement Assessment taken at elementary school sites.
April 15 at 7:30am -Registration opens
April 26 at 4:00pm -  Registration closes. 
May 6 - July 23 - Students enrolled in MAP must complete course work.
August- Students are placed into appropriate course based on completion of MAP.